Transportation in Zakynthos - How to get to Zakynthos, Greece

'easyCruiseOne' - Zakynthos
'easyCruiseOne' - Attribution: Robert Wallace

You can reach the island by air from the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, as the Olympic company launches flights to Zakynthos during the year, with flight duration of 50 minutes. The airport 'Dionysios Solomos' ,phone 26950-28611,49051, is 5km away southwest of the town of Zakynthos and receives many charter flights during the tourist season. Also, there are daily bus routes from Athens to Zakynthos-Kilini, KTEL Athens til.210-5129432, KTEL Zakynthos Tel 26950-22255. The access to the island is possible by ferry from Kilini during all the year (Kyllinis Port Authority, til.26230-92211). Also, throughout all the year, Zakynthos island is linked to the line Pesadas-Skinari.